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 About the Guild

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PostSubject: About the Guild   About the Guild EmptyThu Sep 18, 2008 11:42 am

Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war

Guild Details

Guild Name: Cry Havoc (and lets slip the dogs of war)
Server Type: Core RvR
Realm: Order
Timezone: Brussels time (running one hour in front of UK, same time as countries like France, Germany and most other European countries)
Members: We are still recruiting as we speak
Server: Karak-Hirn

Who We Are:

we are a newly formed guild for Warhammer Online during the Open Beta of the game.
A bunch of people from the belgian gamesite '9Lives' decided to start a guild where all of us could be united under 1 name. While we, like many, seek to improve ourselves in all the games we play, what truly sets us apart from other guilds is our focus on the individual. Many guilds seek "perfection" above all else, even at the sake of having some casualties along the way. For these sorts of people, winning is indeed everything. For us, "winning" means nothing unless you can do so with honor and the right people by your side.

While this emphasis on people certainly does not mean that we are pushovers and that we will let a few destroy the fun of the many, it does mean that we will do our best to treat each and every individual with the utmost respect and dignity that they deserve.

The ideal 'Cry Havoc' guild member will be an individual which seeks to continually improve themselves and their character. Additionally, the ideal candidate will be a person who recognizes that the true enjoyment of an MMO comes from the people that you meet along the way. We seek people who are helpful and communicative; people who are not looking for what they can get from a guild but for what they can give to the guild.

Those who are "guild hoppers," loot whores, QQers, flamers, whiners, etc. need not apply.

Guild Structure

Top level in the organisation of the guild is maintained by Shorack. (Genious for the 9lives people)
The guild structure is based on services. This means you can't advance through ranks, because there is nothing like that in Cry Havoc. There are functions though and you can certainly end up in such a function, being empowered to do certain things that are necessary to perform the function you assume and to be able to exercise them in a responsible fashion.

Basically, this is the guild structure:
- Guild leader: coordination of the guild as a whole, maintaining coherency between members and functions. (and allies) afro
--- Service Providers: the people taking care of all sorts of needs for a guild like website, forum, voicechat, irc, recruitment... spartan
--- Raid Leaders: the people coordinating the guild attempts in-game, the ones who lead the warband(s) and try to get it all oiled enough to steamroll some destruction. Very Happy
----- Full Members: Anyone else who's fully accepted within the cosy, warring family of Cry Havoc. Wink
------ Initiates: the people who're having a taste of Cry Havoc while we're trying to eat them to check their quality. clint

Have lots of lol! on our forum,

(note: most is taken over from the initial topic by Tyrail, i'll leave it up to you people to 'guess' which part i rewrote Wink)
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About the Guild
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