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 About the guild

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PostSubject: About the guild   About the guild EmptyMon Sep 08, 2008 10:39 am

Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war

Guild Details

Guild Name: Cry Havoc (and lets slip the dogs of war)
Server Type: Core RvR
Realm: Order
Primary Timezone: EU - CET (Central Europe Time)
Members: We are still recruiting as we speak
Beta Server: We are on the 'Barlok' server in OB now, but might change on releaseday

Who We Are:

we are a newly formed guild for Warhammer Online during the Open Beta of the game.
A bunch of people from the belgian gamesite '9Lives' decided to start a guild where all of us could be united under 1 name. While we, like many, seek to improve ourselves in all the games we play, what truly sets us apart from other guilds is our focus on the individual. Many guilds seek "perfection" above all else, even at the sake of having some casualties along the way. For these sorts of people, winning is indeed everything. For us, "winning" means nothing unless you can do so with honor and the right people by your side.

While this emphasis on people certainly does not mean that we are pushovers and that we will let a few destroy the fun of the many, it does mean that we will do our best to treat each and every individual with the utmost respect and dignity that they deserve.

The ideal 'Cry Havoc' guild member will be an individual which seeks to continually improve themselves and their character. Additionally, the ideal candidate will be a person who recognizes that the true enjoyment of an MMO comes from the people that you meet along the way. We seek people who are helpful and communicative; people who are not looking for what they can get from a guild but for what they can give to the guild.

Those who are "guild hoppers," loot whores, QQers, flamers, whiners, etc. need not apply.

Guild Structure

The guild is "GMed" by Genious. Officer positions are available but will be created upon need and the individuals available. They will be assigned after a few weeks, when the talents of some people reveal themselves. The leadership style of our guild is one which provides administrative, technical, logistical, and strategic support. Every individual is encouraged to take responsibility for his or her own actions and not be attached at the hip to any GM/officer. The primary position in the guild is certainly the member; we do not seek to have an "elitist" guild where officers are only officers because they know the right people. It is our desire to recognize hard work and effort by promoting others to officers, not to promote them simply because we think they're "cool."

All members who join BEFORE launch will automatically be full members, barring any suspicious events before such a date. After launch, all new recruits will join the guild on a 2 to 4 week trial basis. During this time period, initiates will be observed on their attitude and maturity level.

Have lots of lol! on our forum,

edited by Tyraïl

alt: diknmuise (engineer)
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PostSubject: Re: About the guild   About the guild EmptyTue Sep 09, 2008 3:34 am

Diknmuis and tyraïl worded it extremely well.
i wonder if it has anything to do with my political and philosophical positions on 9lives. Smile

i want to add some own accents though: Wink
it's not because we're not 'hardcore to the bone', that you don't have a responsability towards the others in the guild.
a guild is and always will be an engagement.
to make it concrete: if you say you'll do A or B or if you enter yourself to participate in a certain event, you make sure you're there. if you can't for some reason, you try to get the people taking care of the organisation informed.

second, i want to stress the principle of 'grow as we go' for the Cry Havoc guild.
far too often, complex structures are put in place from the start without a present (or even a future) need for them, which only alienates people.
In any case, structure should be as flat as possible. The purpose of a guild ain't hyrarchy. It's raison d'être is bringing people together to experience things together, reach goals together and enjoy leisure time together.
It's quite unlikely there will be anything like ranks, we should think in terms of functions. Smile

Finally, i want to make sure it really is clear that an individual is a human being, not a player character.
If we go out there to recruit, we have to recruit humans. Wink
You want the guy/girl (no sexism over here Very Happy) trying to get some co-operation in the chaos, the person that can keep the smile on your face even though your getting whacked.
Those people that keep their cool in the face of plain incompetence. :p

Known on 9Lives as: Genious
Your guild servant :p
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About the guild
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