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 Guild positions

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PostSubject: Guild positions   Guild positions EmptyTue Sep 09, 2008 4:05 am

There are a few positions that are necessary to keep things going smoothly, some have been filled in already by the flow of events, some are still open. Smile

These are already being taken care of
Overal organisation: Shorack
Mainly wat one calls GM or Guild Leader.
I try to stress the function some more though, since that's why i'm here for: to get things going and keep them going. Wink

Forum maintenance: Diknmuis
Forum moderators: Diknmuis, Shorack, Tyraïl
Forum maintenance simply means: anything involving the forum structure, settings, whatever is in the capable hands of Diknmuis.
Moderators are mainly there to maintain order, if that would ever become necessary.

Furthermore, following tasks are still to be taken up by people:
- Site maintenance: right now, a site wouldn't be much more than the cover of the book called forum, however, in the future more advanced needs _might_ arise, so extensive knowledge on the subject is what we look for. Wink (not urgent at all)
- Ventrilo/Teamspeak management: good results demand good communication. The need for voice is obvious. Someone who can provide that service would be a major step forward. 24 slots wil probably be enough for a long time in most situations. (not an immediate need, but still one to be taken care of asap. if free service isn't to be found, we should find out who's willing to contribute with financial means to obtain one)

Engagements to be expected in the future:
Event (raid) leaders aren't an issue yet, there is no point in finding out who's fit for the responsability now, any decission would be far too aribtrary, we need to see the 'natural born in-game leaders' emerge... in-game. Wink
Recruitment and diplomacy: right now, if you encounter people fitting the Cry Havoc philosophy, get them on board if you like. Over time, it will no doubt become clear who has a penchant for such diplomatic undertakings that require insight in people, since we don't want to get stuck with some who have a harmful attitude.

Any questions? Shoot.
Any offers, to the pm-box! Smile

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Your guild servant :p
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PostSubject: Re: Guild positions   Guild positions EmptyTue Sep 09, 2008 9:06 pm

I'm willing to take a task but then it will probably in-game later on ,

im not very good with programming and setting things up Embarassed
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Guild positions
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