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 Guild Requirements and application form.

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Guild Requirements and application form. Empty
PostSubject: Guild Requirements and application form.   Guild Requirements and application form. EmptyThu Sep 18, 2008 1:25 pm

First of all, you might want to check out the "About the Guild"-topic to get an impression of what is awaiting you once inside our sanctuary. Wink
(link: http://cryhavoc.forumotion.net/apply-section-f5/about-the-guild-t81.htm)

Now, let's get started on those requirements, shall we?. Note that it is important. Wink
Guild Requirements

Age: None.
Age has never meant anything. We judge a packet on its content, not on the number stamped on it. Note that we do expect 'mature' behavior. The shit, peepee jokes mental age isn't welcome. We want people who can express themselve, cooperate with others and overal enjoy the game and the guild at a decent level.

Language: English.
Nobody is perfect, as long as it is good enough to understand you without having to contemplate for a minute on every 3 lines. Wink Also note we don't want the 'shizzamaniggadatrigga'-English, that's Orcish and we're Order. Wink

Game Activity: 3 days/week.
We're looking for people who can play 3 days a week, of which 2 with the guild in events/raids. (once we get those rolling out ofc) So 2 decent sessions and a third shorter one is feasible.
While this may require some planning-in of warhammer, we believe it is certainly feasible to do that for 2 days without making it your second job. (the third day can be l'improviste)
Of course, we understand situations may arise that can hamper this for a specific period. (exams, vacation to Jakarta, project to finish, becoming daddy/mommy etc.) during which such activity proves impossible. We fully understand, as long as you let us know.
Also, because you happen to have once an 'ugh' week during which you think, "no way 3 days, 2 will be more than enough", we understand, but again: let us know! (and if this ends up in having a regular activity of 2 days a week, it isn't that ok anymore)
There is an 'i'm away thread' to say when you will be leaving for a longer period!!!

Based on all the applications that passed through my hands in the early stage of the guild, i know this is not too intensive for most, the least possible i've seen up to now was 4, so 3 is no sweat normally. Smile
But i want to make it clear - again - that this isn't your "what, he wasn't in-game 3 days? kickkickkick!! plol!" guild.
Being human means living in uncertainty and we understand that some of that might slip into your life, your warhammer experience.

Forum Activity: Weekly is the absolute min, quick checking every day you play is strongly adviced.
No good group, no active guild, no fun without a good, active and fun forum! We expect to hear at least weekly from every Cry Havoc groupie Wink How can we get to know people if they don't talk eh? pirate On the other hand, we don't want spamming, just to appear active. (yes you can be very active, that is no spamming, but you can't be very active by having 90% of your posts consisting of 3 words where 20% is "welcome" in the apply section fist ) Also, no silly stuff in serious topics and not too much of the serious stuff in silly topics. schol

Class: The further the guild involves, the more we'll take it into account.
We're quickly growing towards the critical mass to make this guild work and along this route, we won't question class picks. Wink But at a certain point, we'll need to take it into account to have workable proportions. But no way we'll every force a member to re-roll!

We expect the following of our members:
- knowing how to use IRC. (#cryhavoc on quakenet), for a quick guide: http://www.ircbeginner.com/ircinfo/mirc.html
- knowing how to use teamspeak (server info is kept private, quick guide also avail to members)
- owning a mic. (for teamspeak) If you haven't, go fetch one, it ain't expensive at all.
- Keeping an eye on the calendar at the homepage: http://cryhavoc.forumotion.net/portal.htm (and once in the guild, also the guild calendar)
- Keeping an eye on the forums: http://cryhavoc.forumotion.net/forum.htm

Responsibility: Yours!
We're rooted in the huge player base of 9lives and we're quicly expanding towards other people, so Cry Havoc will grow large. This means many people to play with, many possibilities to attain something together. However, this also means a huge task for the people organising this guild! This means that we can't hold everyone's hand and pm everyone five times to attain what we need! Being late is something for homework, here you bear real responsibility to make sure you're up-to-date. We sure do understand that everyone does happen to forget things and so, when it does happen in a rare occasion you overlooked, we're again not going to hunt you down. backstab jocolor
However, if we always have to remind the same people over and over again, sanctions and even removal is possible.
There is a rule in business theory, the 80-20 rule (some even say 90-10): 80% of the problems are caused by 20% of the customers/workforce. We will get rid of those. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but things need to be fluent, otherwise it only hampers the 80% that does take their responsibility and we can't have that.

For this, there is a 48h rule on votes: every vote will remain for at least 48h, so everyone has a fair chance to vote.

There is also a 3 day rule! Asking for information etc should never take longer then 3 days to recieve an answer! (unless we explicitly allowed for longer)
This means that checking in twice a week is sufficient to keep track of things. Wink
This also means that being gone for more than 3 days has to be reported in the "i'm away"-thread, which can be found in the private parts of the forum as a sticky.

These 2 rules make sure things keep running smoothly without having to look around everywhere, all the time.

From our side, we'll try to bring the information to you in the best and clearest ways we can think of.
Normally, if you keep an eye on cryhavoc.forumotion.net and cryhavoc.forumotion.net/forum.htm and your private messages there. If possible, we'll also add the info in the in-game functions like the guild calendar.

Also, never hesitate to ask questions if you feel like you lack some info. Smile

Okay, browsed through the hard part?
Now for some smaller notes:
Gender: doesn't matter but please, keep the transsexual experiences limited while making your character Wink (counts for both sides)
Sexism: big nono, no bitches, whores and stuff, also no pricks, dicks, cocks and so on. respect the other side, you need each other sooner or later anyhow.
Racism: term gets abused too often. the strict interpretation is a big Nono. (stamping one race as inferior to others, nazi-style) But don't take this as a 'go-ahead' for unfunded statements. In fact, this is no politics forum, so just leave it be. fist
Cheating: do we really need to tell? cheating and bug-abusing are severe crimes. facepalm
Discussion: freedom means freedom to discuss. however, if you can't accept that in the end people still might not agree, don't start. discussion is only healthy when people know where to put the final point and move on without stabbing each other to death.
Nude: nope, people who want nude will have no trouble finding it themselves on the internet.

Got all that?
Have you also checked out the "about the guild"-topic?
If yes: good.
If no: read again or give it up. clint

Below is the application form.
Use it only if you agree and really want to join the guild!

Before applying, please make sure to use your ingame name (this to make organisation easier)

To apply for a place in Cry Havoc you must submit an application with the following details. The more you write the better! Smile


Avatar Name:

How did you find us (through a friend, forums, in-game etc)?

Previous MMO/Clan Experience:

A Bit About Yourself:

Why you would like to join Cry Havoc and what can you offer to the guild*:

*mainly as a person, your ownage is tbh of less concern, we want nice people first. Wink

(note: application form is taken over from the original form typed by Tyrail)
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Guild Requirements and application form.
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