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 Application Krados

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Class : Bright Wizard
Registration date : 2008-10-05

Application Krados Empty
PostSubject: Application Krados   Application Krados EmptySun Oct 05, 2008 4:11 pm

Name: Steven
Age: Seventeen
Country: The Netherlands

Avatar Name:Krados
Race: Empire / Humans
Class: Bright Wizard
Rank: 13
Renown rank: 11

How did you find us (through a friend, forums, in-game etc)?
Asked a member of yours about the guild in-game.

Previous MMO/Clan Experience:
Of course WoW Wink Had a 70 rogue and warrior, did mostly pvp in premades and arena.

Also got some guild experience with being a officer in the second best pvp guild.

Played eve online for a year and a half, only for the pvp Smile

A Bit About Yourself:
Well as you can tell I'm 17 years old, live in the Netherlands (Den Haag clint ) and currently following an IT education.

In games I like to kill other players, so I get bored with killing npc's rather fast. Killing always gets me to enjoy a game Smile

Why you would like to join Cry Havoc and what can you offer to the guild*:
Everytime I joined a guild / clan in a game, I always get dedicated to the guild. I like playing with other people, the more the merrier is a motto that fits me.

Currently only lvl 13, but leveling quick and not giving up till I reach lvl 40.

Hope to hear soon from you,

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[CH] Officer

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Registration date : 2008-09-17

Application Krados Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application Krados   Application Krados EmptySun Oct 05, 2008 4:21 pm

Welcome to the guild.
I played with u yesterday and i see u took the effort to make the application.

I'll invitite u to the guild when i see u online.
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Application Krados
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